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King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) encourages its Faculty members and Researchers to participate in prestigious, “high-quality” conferences and technical symposiums sponsored by leading professional, technical societies that organize conferences around the world. Attending such conferences or events motivate the KFUPM Researchers to have a free exchange of new ideas, concepts, recent advancements in their respective field of research and enables the faculty members to develop and execute their own research. This would serve as a means for the University to be recognized as a center of research excellence.

The Faculty members those of who meet the eligibility criteria mentioned in the conference guidelines are highly encouraged to apply for conferences.

Any Faculty member or Researcher satisfying the eligibility criteria could apply for conferences, which would be initially reviewed by the Chairman of the respective departments and further the application would reach the Conference office, Deanship of Research. These conference attendance applications would then be reviewed and evaluated the University standing committee, chaired by the Dean of Research and would be directed to the Higher Authorities for final approval. On obtaining the required approvals the Faculty members and Researchers would be communicated about the decision on their applications officially by the Conference office, Deanship of Research.

The support for attending conferences covers per diem and the expenses as the University conference attendance guidelines.

The Deanship of Research wishes the best for Faculty members and Researchers to participate in prestigious, excellent, “top-quality” conferences and invites them to utilize the University support to attend such conferences.

Predatory Journals/Conferences: 

Predatory publishing is defined as for-profit open access journal publication of scholarly articles without robust peer-review of experts, and in a short period of time. Publishing in predatory or hijacked journals will negatively impact the integrity of academic publishing. Deanship of Research advises all faculty and researchers to be extra cautious in selecting the journal to which they submit their scholarly work. You may find in the link a list of hijacked journals and possible predatory journals:

We also urge our faculty and researchers to refrain from applying to conferences that do not maintain an acceptable level of quality, and avoid conferences organized by non-professional organizations, which are mostly commercial and have minimal scientific value. Conference Office will not process conferences organized by or affiliated with IACSIT or CBEES or ASET, in addition to WASET which has been blacklisted by the Ministry of Education (MoE). A list of possibly predatory publishers can be found in the link: